The crAzy™ crew

Who does all this crazy™ stuff?

As an organisation we look for people who are crAzy™ enough to believe that they can change the world and want to change it consciously. We attract people whose desire is to work with like-minded individuals in an organisation whose sole purpose is to leave a legacy of humans and organisations who consciously change the world for the better, far into the future.

Since we advocate entrepreneurialism, our “staff” members are not staff at all. Everyone here has multiple income sources and contracts their services to crAzy™ always wins. We call them the crAzy™ crew members. To keep the crAzy™ going, each crew member receives executive coaching as part of their engagement and has access to our extensive library of business, motivational and other texts. This ensures that they stay empowered, not only to change the world through crAzy™ always wins, but also to live a legacy of their own creation outside the organisation.

Each of the crAzy™ crew members is highly experienced in key aspects of business management, marketing, human resources, business process and administration. For highly specialised projects and/or industries we have a pre-qualified panel of experts whom we utilise on a project by project basis

Introducing the crazy™ crew

Tania M Adams

Founder and crAzy™ Executive Officer

Tania holds a BCom (Wits), LLB (Unisa) and an ICF accredited Professional Coaching Diploma. She has a wealth of business management and coaching experience having spent the early part of her career in academia as a Junior Lecturer in the Business Economics Department of the University of the Witwatersrand, 8 years in senior management roles in the motor industry and finally the past 10 years running her crAzy™ consulting business. In addition to her extensive consulting experience, Tania has over 2000 hours of individual coaching, group coaching and large group facilitation. Her clients have included major corporate companies as well as small and entrepreneurial entities as an external consultant.

Dylan Murray

Leadership Coach/Consultant

Dylan joins the crAzy™ crew as a Leadership Coach and Business Consultant. Prior to becoming a full time coach Dylan had a 19 year long career as an entrepreneur in the insurance industry. Having recently sold his insurance brokerage, he brings extensive business knowledge and people skills to the table. Dylan holds an Intermediate Certificate in Business Studies as well as a Certificate in Business Management from Rhodes University, and an Executive Coaching qualification from the University of Cape Town. Dylan’s coaching style is insightful, gentle and firm. He has a knack of grasping the nub of a client’s issue quickly, and compassionately supporting the client to make the shifts necessary for achieving their desired outcomes. In addition to being a skilled coach Dylan is a talented writer, eloquent speaker and a lifelong adventurer.

Ian Stockwell

Senior Consultant / Industrial Relations & Labour Law Expert

Ian holds an Advanced Diploma in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations Development Programme (post-grad qualification) from the University of Stellenbosch Business School. He is an adept communicator who successfully facilitates interaction between diverse groups of people in conflict and other inter-personal situations.

Ian brings more than 20 years in Industrial Relations and Labour Law and Conflict Resolution, 10 years’ experience in Human Resources and 4 years training experience, across diverse industries. Ian has also lectured in Industrial Relations / Labour Law at PENTECH and University of the Western Cape. Ian has been semi-retired and has recently returned to the business world as part of the crAzy™ team.

Cindy de Lange

crAzy people consultant / Human Resources Specialist

Cindy holds a BA. Human Resource Management (RAU), and a Hons. Industrial Psychology (Unisa). Cindy has consulted small, medium and large enterprises in all facets of HR. Being an entrepreneur Cindy started, managed and sold a successful Rental Agency and Property Management Company. As the Chairperson of a local Pre Primary school, she created new classes, revised the academics, recreated all the administrative structures moving it to a profitable position. Cindy is a frequent guest lecturer at Stenden University on topics including human resources, project management and career guidance. In collaboration with Stenden University, Impepho Educational Services and the Department of Social Development Cindy, together with her team, re-designed, facilitated and managed a Culinary Development Certificate resulting in the internships and employment for 30 previously disadvantaged graduates.

Melinda Queck

crAzy Recruitment

Melinda is our Recruitment Specialist.  She has 13+ years recruitment experience, 10 of those running her own agency.  Melinda has experience working with all levels from internship assignments to exco board level; providing freelance, contract and permanent talent to the commerce and creative industries.  In addition, Melinda is a Recruitment Trainer, providing recruitment consultants with the skills needed to successfully meet the demands of clients.  Melinda holds a Prestige Diploma in Professional Journalism and has completed her IPCS Certification with APSO (Federation of African Professional Staffing Organisations).  Melinda believes that finding the right talent, the first time around, building long lasting partnerships and delivering results makes the difference.

In short, we change the world.