The Circle of Influence – an Online Mastermind

Sometimes it takes a village…

Yes indeed. Sometimes the collective power of a team can help overcome obstacles that an individual mind just can’t.

At Mastermind meetings a group of people come together on a regular basis that is dedicated to their mutual growth and information sharing. It’s a space where people can unpack challenges they are currently facing and learn from each other’s journeys. Participants bring a synergy of commitment and excitement to meetings and are constantly challenging each other to raise the bar in this peer advisory board.

The sessions are aimed at people who have similar skills and/or success levels, who want to reach or exceed their goals, want supportive Mastermind colleagues, are willing to commit to growth and not allow fear of change to overcome their desire to be passionate about their work.

Benefits of the group include: accountability, a confidential space to discuss problems, networks that range far beyond your own that you are able to use, a regular connection to your group, a place to learn and experiment and potentially life-long friends and connections.

Our Circle of Influence Mastermind is aimed at creating and improving sales strategy and the following is covered:

  1. Defining your objective: Your personal objectives for the course
  2. Selling effectively: Defining yourself as a salesperson – The 3 Rules
  3. Personal Branding: Personal Value Proposition
  4. Your Service Model: Creating your own unique service model
  5. Your ideal client: Client Segmenting – Do business with the people you want to do business with on your own terms, Build a Database
  6. Be OK with No (What is your relationship to No)
  7. Educate your clients: Teach them about how you work and where your new business comes from
  8. How to engage with each segment
  9. Asking for referrals
  10. Keep in touch: Design your own client communication system

Napoleon Hill explained the Mastermind principle like this, “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”

Our Online Mastermind Sessions begin on the 12th of September 2018 and continue for 10 weeks where each session runs for an hour. Dylan will moderate and run the call, take notes, and handle the admin details. You would have to show up and engage during the call and briefly share your progress since the last meeting.

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Every Wednesday at 19h30 (GMT+2)
Starting 12 September for 10 weeks


Dylan Murray

Investment for 10 weeks : R3100.00



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