Happy Hearts Retreat

Are you living the life of your dreams or do you feel as though you have just settled for what you have? Did you envisage something exciting but the daily grind has just taken over? Do you find yourself asking the universe if there is more out there for you?

Guess what – you are not alone in these thoughts. And the good news is…it’s all about to change.

We are offering you a life-changing experience. Yes, that’s right; life-changing. An experience where you can not only relax but also gain clarity about things that may have been holding you back from living your ideal life.

Consciousness and mindfulness form the basis of the retreat, where we will work on clearing out old emotions that may be weighing you down and looking at the patterns that affect your life and relationships. It’s an invitation to slow down and disconnect from the dridgery of the rat race in order to go deeper within yourself.

The retreat will combine the expertise of the facilitators in daily workshops as well as excursions. Mumbai will bring a slum tour, while Hampi offers a journey of the ruins. Goa will find us shopping in night markets and we certainly won’t take yoga and meditation off the menu!

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11 – 22 December 2018

Accommodation in India to be confirmed

Tania M Adams & Dylan Murray

To be confirmed (including accommodation, meals and course materials, international flights from Cape Town/ Johannesburg[SA participants only, prices for International participants will exclude airfare]. Excl transfers, visas and ancillary spending money)

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