Conscious Couple Retreats

Great relationships are a source of joy for a couple and for the people around them. How to have such a relationship, however, can seem something of a mystery, perhaps nothing more than just a stroke of luck, available only to a few. Moreover, even couples who seem to have had it all figured out sometimes lose connection with each other.

We believe that great relationships are a choice and that they can be consciously created and maintained. Each couple is comprised of two individuals who are constantly changing, growing and maturing, with needs and values that change over time and who are living within the context of daily life and its attendant distractions. These factors may cause one or both partners to feel a sense of disconnection at some point, wondering how to find their way back to the idealistic, purposeful and passionate couple they once were.

The Conscious Couples Retreat promises to restore and deepen the connection you both share and give you the tools and skills you need to be able to keep that connection alive into the future. Together you will learn the skills you need to;

  • Identify your own, and your partner’s deepest needs and to meet them effectively
  • Share even the toughest thoughts, needs and emotions in such a way that you are heard
  • Really listen to your partner so that they feel heard and acknowledged
  • Manage disagreements and conflict while honouring your partner and your relationship
  • Restore connection after a period of disconnectedness from one another
  • Safely and fully express your authentic individual self within the relationship
  • Identify, communicate and hold healthy boundaries with your partner and with the world at large in respect of your relationship
  • Determine the unique legacy your relationship will leave behind for generations to come

This exclusive retreat is limited to 8 couples in committed relationships who have a desire to shift their relationship to a higher level of conscious connection. The retreat comprises group sessions as well as plenty of private time for you to work together as a couple practising newly learned skills. While the group sessions provide a safe space for delegates to share experiences or ask questions, there is no obligation upon any participant to share with the group; sharing is always voluntary. Couples also benefit from the opportunity to spend time with like-minded couples who share similar relationship goals.

To ensure the creation of a safe and comfortable environment for our couples, all sessions are bound by an agreement of non-judgement and confidentiality.

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