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The Circle of Influence – an Online Mastermind

Sometimes it takes a village…

Yes indeed. Sometimes the collective power of a team can help overcome obstacles that an individual mind just can’t. At Mastermind meetings a group of people come together on a regular basis that is dedicated to their mutual growth and information sharing.

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Conscious Couples Retreat

Great relationships are a source of joy for a couple and for the people around them. How to have such a relationship, however, can seem something of a mystery, perhaps nothing more than just a stroke of luck, available only to a few. Moreover, even couples who seem to have had it all figured out sometimes lose connection with each other.

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Happy Hearts Retreat

Are you living the life of your dreams or do you feel as though you have just settled for what you have? Did you envisage something exciting but the daily grind has just taken over? Do you find yourself asking the universe if there is more out there for you?

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In short, we change the world.